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Our Newest Wegmans Creation — Organic Chocolate!

Yes, we are going organic! We are using the finest chocolate to create creamy, luscious, mouth watering cashew and almond butter cups! Wow! But we are not stopping there; we are also crafting our famous, out of this world bark made with crunchy, whole almonds! All in organic and all available in milk and dark chocolates! We are also proud to mention that our organic chocolate is made with Fair Trade Cocoa Beans. It doesn't get better than this!

These awesome treats will be available around June 1st in your local Wegman's store. See you there!





Introducing Our Newest Creation!

Shortbread Cookies

Chocolate Pretzels

Landies Candies Signature Shortbread Cookies!

Premiering on QVC!

WOW! We believe we've done it again and reached new heights of scrumptiousness! We've taken our Signature Shortbread Cookies, added a dollop of caramel, truffle filling or our famous peanut butter, coated them in our smooth, luscious chocolate and then topped them all off with crunchy, sweet or yummy toppings! Out of this world!

Flavors include:

  • Milk chocolate peanut butter
  • Dark chocolate coffee truffle
  • White chocolate lemon
  • Milk chocolate pecan caramel
  • Dark chocolate-chocolate lovers truffle
  • Milk chocolate banana cream

They will be premiering live on QVC on February 18th during the Gourmet Holiday Show from 5-6pm. Don't miss out-limited supply available for this premiere offering!

Let's not forget our Signature Chocolate Covered Pretzels either! Spring Holiday Collection will include a new white chocolate caramel pretzel ready for Spring (aren't we all?), and a new dark chocolate coconut cream! So delicious!

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Fun Facts - WOW – Get This…

Research has shown that allowing chocolate to melt in your mouth produced brain and heart rate activity that was similar to – and even stronger than that produced with passionate kissing.

Landies Candies

Landies award winning Swiss Recipe chocolate made with the best domestic chocolate and real whole milk!

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